Training Philosophy

Madison lives by the idea that “Strength Is No Accident,” and therefore believes that if a client is willing to put in work, he/she WILL get to his/her goals no matter what. Although she trains using several different styles, Madison’s specialties are MMA/Boxing, athletic conditioning, weight loss and Nutrition. She is also well versed in corrective exercise, body building, stability training and boxing. 

Training Options

Mad Fitt offers several different training options, including one-on-one PT,  partner workouts and small group sessions.  The client is the boss in this business, and this is why Madison caters to her client's needs.  YOU pick the package, YOU pick the number of times to train a week, and most importantly, YOU pick the location. Madison offers outdoor locations, as well as at-home or in-gym options (contact for location near you).

Although Madison specializes in strength and conditioning and martial arts training, she is well versed in other training styles as well. She has experienced immense success with clients looking for weight loss, as well as those looking to fight. Exercises will include agility drills, barbell workouts, TRX suspension moves, kettle bell complexes, Bosu and medicine ball stability exercises, bands and body weight conditioning, cardio interval training and/or fight-specific training.  



1 session- $100   10 sessions- $850     20 sessions- $1,600          30 sessions- $2,250


1 session- $150       10 sessions- $1,200       20 sessions- $2,000      30 sessions- $3,000


1 session- $175        20 sessions- $1,500       20 sessions- $2,500      30 sessions- $3,500